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This is the Community Server of Haze.World. 

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Our Admins / Mods are friendly and constantly supporting you if you have problems or questions.

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Hello Community!

i would like to welcome you all to the new Clan Page and thanks for the People who are supporting us.


This is the second Clan Page we are launching at this point, the first one was completely outdated and the design was also crappy sh1t.

I hope this new Clan script will do a better job, but it seems to be much better and im looking forward to a Clan which grows through this page and the ts.

Besides that, i have to say that this is not the final state of the Page, we will be working on the design and developing on the sections we offer for the Community.


At the moment we are recruiting Member for our Clan:

If you think, you fit in this Clan, please sign up on the left side under Main Menu and we gonna accept you!

After your completed Registration, you can look up the Teamspeak IP at the Forums.

When you are accepted as a Member of this site, you can also introduce yourself at the forum section, but you dont have to!


If you have any questions, join the TS or post a topic on the Forum under the General Section.


Your Administrator


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