Sunday, August 20, 2017

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This is the Community Server of Haze.World. 

AntiCheat, AirdropExtended, AutoChat, BetterChat, BuildingOwners, InstaCraft, DeathNotes, EasyVote, EnhancedHammer, EventManager, FriendlyFire, Friends, GUIAnnouncements, HitIcon, HotKeys, HumanNPC, InfoPanel, Kits, LustyMap, NoDecay, NoEscape, NoSeedGrief, NoWeaponDrop, NTeleportation, PrivateMessage, Quests, Quicksmelt, QuickSort, RaidNotes, RemoverTool, ServerInfo, ServerRewards, SignArtist, SignTracker, SkipNightVote, StackSizeController, StrikeSystem, Tickets, Trade, WeatherController, ZLevelsRemastered

Our Admins / Mods are friendly and constantly supporting you if you have problems or questions.

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